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About the workshop:

This workshop is open to all nose work enthusiasts from any venue.  

Spots will be limited to 12 teams (one dog / one handler). Two teams will work in the same one-hour time slot to give the dogs a break between runs.  Dogs must be proficient on Birch, Anise, and Clove.

Each handler will have the opportunity to audit the other team while their dog rests.  Teams will be matched according to their level and goals.

Time slots will be given and you will be notified of your time after all entries are in.


Registrants will need to fill out a questionnaire detailing their current level and training goals.  Elements may include any or all of the following (depending on the team’s requirements and the Coach’s discretion): Interiors, Exteriors, Vehicles, Containers.  


Human-reactive dogs cannot be accommodated at this venue.


What to bring:

Weather-appropriate shoes and outerwear, water, water bowl, treats, doggy clean up supplies, long line, shade for your dog, bug spray.  Snack/beverage for yourself.  Note-taking supplies.


Please do not bring non-working dogs to the workshop unless they can remain quiet and non-disruptive in your car.  




Each dog/handler team:  $85

Please fill out the Registration Form and send it with your payment.


Payment details are on the Registration Form.  

No entries can be accepted without the Registration Form.


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