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What is K9 Nose Work®?

K9 Nose Work® is an activity and competition sport that any dog with a nose, and any handler with reasonable mobility, can enjoy.


The training is similar to that of real, working detection dogs, but is designed for pet dogs and their handlers.

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Carol B. and "Boomer"   NW2 title

  • The mental work of figuring out scent puzzles is beneficial for old dogs, helping to keep their minds active.  

  • Searches are done at the dog’s pace, so the activity is perfect for dogs with physical limitations.

  • Because searches are conducted one dog at a time, reactive dogs are able to focus and have fun.

  • The “hunt” becomes so important that even fearful or insecure dogs gain confidence and independence.

  • Although enjoyable, the searches can be quite tiring, and even young, high-energy dogs usually like a good nap afterwards! 

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