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Who should come?

  • Dogs who are proficient on all three odors (birch, anise, and clove)

  • Handlers who have been bitten by the Nose Work bug! 

What will my dog and I learn?


Dogs will be working through a variety of challenges such as elevated hides, inaccessible hides, odor convergence, close-proximity hides, pooling odor, etc.  Searches will be longer and require more stamina and resilience.


Searches will include both known and blind hides in all four working elements, as available: Interiors, Exteriors, Containers and Vehicles.  Handlers will learn more about how odor moves in various environments and factors that affect odor movement.  Advanced search strategies will be discussed and emphasis will be placed on further development of handler skills for on and off leash work.  

This level is geared toward trial preparation, however participation in trials is not a requirement.  

Even teams at this level can continue to enjoy the activity of K9 NW just for fun!  

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