Beginner  ~  Intro to K9 Nose Work

Who should come?  


  • Any dog of any size, age, shape or color 

  • Dogs and handlers with no prior training of any type

  • Dogs and handlers with no dog-sport experience

  • Dogs and handlers with training or experience in other sports

  • Dogs with physical disabilities 


Check out Addie, a blind Cattle Dog, Trooper, a Golden amputee missing a hind leg, and Teagan, an Aussie who is deaf and visually impaired.  


What will my dog and I learn?  


You will be introduced to the activity and sport of K9 Nose Work®.  Your dog will have fun learning how to use his or her nose more efficiently by developing the skills necessary for solving challenging scent problems. 

You will begin to learn how to read your dog’s body language when working scent and how to handle the dog effectively on-leash and off-leash.  

All dogs begin their K9 Nose Work training by searching for their favorite food (or in some cases, a favorite toy).

There is little interference from the handler as the dog searches, no obedience or corrections.  When the dog finds the hidden food, they self-reward by eating it!  This reinforces their successful searching behavior.  In the beginning, your dog will be searching for food in boxes.  As their desire to hunt and confidence grows, they'll progress to searching out of boxes and in a variety of environments.  

This all-important foundation prior to introducing target odors can take two months to a year.  During this time, we make sure there is little risk of failure for the dog, which is what motivates them and keeps them enjoying the activity.

"Throughout a dog & handler team’s training in K9 Nose Work, the emphasis will always be

on creating learning experiences for the dog and supporting his independent problem solving,

not commanding him to perform a series of tasks in a predetermined manner.

K9 Nose Work is all about the dogs and all about celebrating their amazing abilities."