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You can purchase your "Famous Seamus" Intro to Odor kit

from by clicking on this link:



Additional odors, scent vessels, and supplies can also be purchased from

Intro to Odor


Who should come?


  • Dogs who are eagerly, confidently, and independently searching for food in a variety of environments both on and off leash.  

  • Handlers who have learned to recognize the dog's change of behavior when working scent and when at source.

  • PLEASE NOTE:  Dog and handlers who have not completed at least one Beginner class will be evaluated prior to being accepted in the Intro to Odor class.


What will my dog and I learn?


Your dog will be introduced to the target odors and to increasingly more challenging searches. 

You will learn better leash skills and improve your ability to read your dog’s body language as they problem-solve.  Basic scent theory will be discussed to give you a better understanding of the dog's behavior when working scent. 

Once your dog has learned the target odors, you may decide to try competing, or you may wish to simply continue playing the game for fun.   


Competition is not a requirement ~

You and your dog can go on to enjoy the activity of K9 Nose Work® 

for as long as you like!!

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