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Boomer [will be] 13 years old next month. We’ve been doing NW for greater than 5 years. NW has built his confidence as well as mine in addition to forming a trusting, loving relationship with me. Boomer has his NW1, L1I, L1E. Fun and enjoyment plus meeting great people with common goals has been so rewarding.  

Carol B.

Boomer - L1E.jpg

Hook and I are learning NW together under Valerie‘s awesome direction. We both love the classes. . . . He is over the top excited for NW and to see Valerie each week.

Lynn L.


I've been doing Nose Work with Valerie since 2012. I started with my beautiful red boy Zane who passed away in 2016. Then I started with Abbie and now Emmett. Abbie is 9 and Emmett is 3.

Carolyn L.


Carlee is a former puppy mill breeder we rescued at ~ age 3, she is now 10 and a much more confident dog thanks to NW. She was not terribly shy but had absolutely no confidence. I started her to help build her confidence and it has made a huge difference.

Vanessa M.

[My] Giant Schnauzer, Rio, . . .  got his NW1, a first place in vehicles and Pronounced. . . We have been with Valerie for about 3 1/2 years now and I have started my 2 year old Giant puppy Emmie as well.

Pat T.

"I was noticing hunting behaviors in Kirby that Valerie describes so well in class. I thought she would enjoy it and she does. She is now 12 and loves doing searches in the house and yard. "                      

 Vanessa M.


Buster and I started Nose Work because he was incorrigible. Everyone loves him but he was very bad. Thanks to Valerie he has come light years ahead and is a pleasure to be around now for everyone. The training has done wonders for both of us.

Lurena W.

Declan was entered in an ORT last month and he made me VERY proud by passing all three odors on his first try ! ! I am learning to TRUST his nose & ability and that is making us a much better team.

Vera R.

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